Aren't they pretty? 

Have you ever had one of those moments where you were filled with so much love that you thought that you might literally explode? I really hope you have.

Most people feel that rush of chemicals when they are ‘in love’ with someone or when they have a particularly good flow of fortune in their life. But what about when things go sour?

What happens when your plans don’t turn out the way you wanted them to, or when your life seems like it is crashing and burning- can you still feel the same overwhelming sense of love at that point?

I can safely say that many people I know live in a state of general malaise, not particularly enamored by their lives, their jobs, their friends, their home…they are on some strange sort of robotic setting that is neither noticeably good or bad. But why? Why must it be so? Why does love seem to be such a fickle emotion that seems to favor some people more than others?

After much seeking, I have come to the conclusion that:


At this point, I would really like to emphasis that this is not just a crack-pot theory, this love that I speak of is the very compass by which I navigate my life. I’m on a bit of a mission to dispel the strange notion which we have adopted that states we aren’t in control of love.

That is a whole heap of bullpoop. Actually, that’s bullPOOP with a capital POOP!

I don’t want to get on a high horse and start making assertions about my beliefs on this or that. Instead, I simply wish to convey the fact that in my mid 20’s there was a deep and serious question that was at the forefront of my daily thoughts:

Is it possible to have the Pure Heart of a child again?

The questions was so serious to me that I was willing to give up everything for a few years to focus solely on discovering the answer to it.

Behind that question lies the sorted details of my life- which is an all too common set of experiences:

Grew up fairly happy
parents got divorced
strove the affection of others by acting out in school to become popular
Used popularity to get girls
Fumbled through a series of romantic relationships- all of which ended painfully for me or the other person involved
attempting to find something more serious with the hopes of even one day getting married.
Feeling as though I’m probably too dysfunctional to be a good husband/father

At the other end of these experiences, I was left with more of a numb feeling in my heart than anything. The more relationships I went through didn’t seem to be bringing me any closer to stability, in fact it was having the opposite effect. In that state it is almost impossible to relate with the notion that it is possible to transcend those previous experiences and establish new traditions in your own life. But in reality, that is the best time to explore the possibility of renewing your heart.

I will save the ‘HOW’ I purified my heart in another blog post, but for now rest assured that I did it. It took a few years of intense focus and the process involved learning how embrace a wide variety of characters, but it has lead me to a true sense of FREEDOM OF HEART to LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS!!

Which brings me full circle back to the title of this post! It is not the smartest person who will fix the problems on this planet, because intelligence can be used to save or to kill millions of people. Policies and government will never be what saves the human race, because they are as fickle as the people who lord over them. Science will discover the cure for cancer, but never be the catalyst for our finding our meaning in life.

The guiding post for all decisions should be predicated on the sincere state of HEART. That is far more practical then any other method of evaluation.

If corporations had to factor in the effects of their mining for resources into their over all profit, the world would be a much different place. If the notion of profit in general was redefined to include not just the financial gains of the individual, group or company, but instead implied that everyone involved in the transaction benefited, the world would be a better place. If politicians lived up to their promises, if we held them to their commitment to be public SERVANTS, then the world would be a better place.

If this seems too idealistic its because perhaps you have forgotten the facts that governments, conglomerates, unions, etc are in fact made up of individuals. When individuals are stimulated to act in a certain way, it creates a new dynamic. If they dynamic is sustained over time…BAM- it becomes a cultural norm.

So, just remember, if you base your life decisions from a place of Pure Heartedness, you will never be lead astray. Not every decision you make will be “right”, but it will lead you down a road where you will make a massive impact in creating a healthy and happy culture.

Andrew Love.