Have you ever made direct eye contact with your genius? My genius looks a lot like a young Robert Redford (which incidentally is exactly what I look like to people with relatively bad vision).

To be in the presence of your own self when you are doing something great is basically the best part of life. I don’t want for this to come across as egotistical, because that’s not what I mean at all. It’s not about checking out your abs in the mirror when nobody is watching.

Observing your genius from an objective perspective is much more about noticing how great you CAN be when there are no borders, no filters blocking you from being your true self.

To take this blog out from the clouds, let me give you an example. I do public speaking a lot. Every week at least once I speak to over 200 people at a time. I love it. The problem is that because I speak so often, I can easily slip into autopilot and become quite un-amazing. And that is the WORST thing I could possibly do- is to become PLAIN!!!!!!

There is no point in being plain or in relating to plain other or even dwelling in the vicinity of plainness.

Many people would argue that being boring is better than being unstable, but I would really contest that. There is no magic in the middle. The middle is where people go to hide from themselves. I mean, when was the last time you thought to yourself “I want to go eat a very bland, average meal?”. Nobody wants that consciously, but we settle for boring food every time we cease to think and instead vie for convenience.

For 2 years straight, I had a $5 budget for food while doing volunteer work around America. Prior to this period of my life, I was under the impression that you couldn’t buy anything to eat for under $7–10. Even fast food is nearing the ten dollar range unless you order from the value menu (a.k.a The Last Option Menu). But after a few months I became a total wizard at finding food for under $5. I also learned from my friends at the time how to mix and match items in super markets so that you could actually buy lunch and a snack for later with no more than a fiver!! I saw this one girl get sushi grade tuna, match with a donation of free rice for $4 and change. She had a deluxe meal for what most people would pay triple for.

The point is, for the most part- we aren’t thinking! And when we aren’t thinking we are just creating fodder for the fire to be burned.

In order to create enough space internally to meet your genius face to face, you must first accept the fact that it is not only possible to be a genius, but that being a genius is in fact your natural state.

Everyone has their own flavor of genius- but at the end of the day we are all able to reach a pinnacle of creativity if we make the space and take the time.

I hope you can find your genius.