I love people so much, I really do. And I’m not talking about passively appreciating others from a safe distance either. At the core of everything we truly want in life lies a deep desire to want to be loved and to love. Period.

Where I really struggle though, is in including my same passion for people into the world of social media. I mean, no matter how much we converse over Facebook messenger, or follow each other on Twitter, it simply can never and will never replace the raw human experience of being face to face with another individual.

I mean, if we only ever conversed on line, we would never adapt the skills necessary to handle awkward moments like farting in elevators or trying to find which eye to focus on when speaking with a person that has a lazy eye. Those type of life skills are not only important, they are what make us human beings.

Fear is never the right path to walk down, whether mongering side of the fence or simply the recipient of fear projected onto you. I mention this only because I don’t this post to bare any resemblance to a doom and gloom theory- because it’s not.

What I really want to convey is the fact that we are living in an era where true, deep communication is becoming more of a relic than a common resource and those who are looking to be relevant in the future should focus on become Masters of conversing. If you want to see the future of humanity, look no further than a group of tweens hanging out anywhere. Instead of fumbling through their awkward flirtations, they fill in dead space in their conversations by checking their Instagram accounts.

What happens when a dead space in a conversation isn’t fought through? Have you ever thought about that? For all the moments in your life where you thought you would rather be dead than suffer the embarrassment you were experiencing, such as:

Asking someone to dance in middle school
Someone calling you out for lying about something
Farting anywhere, anytime in public
Tripping over something
Dumping or being dumped
Confronting people who have stolen your things/done you wrong

There are so many more instances I could conjure up, but I just wanted to provide you with enough examples to get the adrenaline glands pumping again. Any flashbacks from those examples?

Anyway, you get the idea.

We can’t replace the value of those awkward experiences, because only by fighting our way through them do we become strong enough to handle larger difficulties. Imagine you never learned how to get a C or D or F in school (that is really hard for me to envision btw), what would happen after you leave college and things don’t go your way?

The only reason I ever found my voice as a human being was on account that I failed basically all of my attempts to be ‘cool’ and just became myself. How many people do you know who are in their 40’s and 50’s who are still worried about being ‘cool’? I would say the number is growing and it is because the trend towards getting ‘likes’ on your social media profiles in many cases outweighs the importance of almost anything else.

When our Avatars take precedent over our souls, then we have clearly gone to some strange and unforeseen extreme as a civilization.

Social media is here to stay, that is not the question nor the problem. The problem lies in whether we will fulfill the purpose of social media or use it as a crutch to distract us from dealing with the reality of others.

Please let me know of ways in which we can better use social media to connect in a sincere way so that I can evolve with the times. Until then, if you are looking to become a very needed person in the economy, or a popular friend among your circle of influence, then invest in having awkward conversations and mastering the art of human interaction.

Authenticity is going to become a resource more sought after than gold or oil. Invest in Sincerity and you will never be without. Invest in becoming an emotionally adjusted, healthy, happy human and you will become invaluable.