World Peace Has Started

If you were to walk up to pretty much anyone living today and ask them if world peace was ever ACTUALLY going to happen, and let’s say this person could somehow be connected to a lie detector, my assumption is that a very small percentage would answer with a strong “ABSOLUTELY”. We have been sold this fantasy that humans are somehow too stupid to figure out the whole ‘getting along’ thing. I don’t buy it for one second though- and I’m not about to drink that Kool-Aid.

You see, when I close my eyes and think of the world that I would like to live in, somehow I don’t imagine death, destruction, divorce, war, etc. No sane person wants to see another human being in pain. In fact, quite the opposite is true!! We are hardwired to feel empathy when we witness others in a state of discomfort, let alone destitution. It is almost as though every portion of our natural inner workings pushes us towards unity, yet our minds seem to push us into all sorts of miserable situations. As a lame comedian might proffer, “What’s the deal with that?”

Flashback alert: When I was a child of about 7 or 8 I vividly remember watching in horror as a family was removed from their house on account of their ethnicity. I cried profusely as I watched a man who I had grown to admire be treated like a villain for simply being born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Actually, I feel the need to jump in and clarify that I was only watching the movie ‘Fiddler on the Roof’, but it still felt very real to me.

You might chuckle to yourself, saying “Andrew, it was only a damn movie”, and you might be right in saying this- except why do you have to swear at me?. The point is that I was able to feel the misery of this family that I didn’t know, and that didn’t even exist. The reason for this was not the great acting, cleaver screenplay, or outstanding soundtrack, it was because that’s how I was made. We all have a magnetic attraction to seek after what is best for the WHOLE when we ourselves in at our best — AND THAT IS WHAT I HAVE DEVOTED MY LIFE TO!!!!!!!

Just over six years ago I began studying and practicing philosophies of peace with absolute tunnel vision. I became enamored by the notion that peace was possible, but I had to research for myself to see whether actual, substantial peace could be felt within just myself. In fact, I became so obsessed that I gave away all my world possessions, stopped speaking to anyone and lived like a homeless person.

My days were spent wondering around various parts of the country, raising funds for charities. I used the fundraising as an excuse to approach people. On the average day, I would be in face to face contact with 200–500 individuals easily. Often I was harshly rejected or passively dismissed, but every once in a while I would meet people who move my heart to such an extent that I would fall to my knees and cry without a clear understand as to why.


Peace, true peace, is something that is absolutely real. It is not something that will come from the sky or out from the ground. Peace emerges from an individual who has made the effort to cultivate a mature heart and mind, which dwell in a body that understands it exists to help this world to flourish. I am still growing, just like all of you- but I have reached a place in my mind and my heart that will forever to sold out to substantial peace and incorruptible love. I have built a family on that foundation and together we are diligently pursuing a life where the peace and love within our blood relations is a strong enough foundation to support those who come into our lives.

I know world peace has begun because it dwells within my family.

Andrew Love.