Deep down everybody wants desperately to be valuable. Most of us would settle for being valued by the handful of people, but there are others who seek after value on a much larger scale.

So begins the journey of trying to find your way of being someone of value in this vast, populous world. For some people, it is chasing after the Mirage of fame, for others it is trudging away at a particular niche demographic, but regardless of the type of value that is sought after I, can safely say that the only real satisfaction comes on the back of being valued for who you are not what you do.

It is my very strong prediction based on the habits that the world is quickly adopting, that in the not-too-distant future the people who will be most valued by society at large will be those with strong communication skills.

If you want to make a lot of money in 10 years, invest in learning how to be honest today. If you can be an authentic human being, your value to the marketplace will be through the roof. If you take the time to actually learn how to actually listen to actual human beings, I guarantee that you’ll never be without friends, followers, and fortune.

The fact is that in the digital age most people are supplanting real, meaningful communication with selective, convenient banter. Is becoming more of a priority to bolster the status of one’s avatar than it is to effectively care for the people closest to us. If you want a real life example, look no further than any public transportation. If that is already too much of an impersonal experience for you, then just observe most places where people gather. They are avoiding the world around them in order to plug in to the virtual world, which is much further away.

Since I haven’t even broken through my mid 30s, I refuse to already assume the role of the porch-occupying senior citizen griping about the way the world was. Instead, I implore all those who have the ears listen- to simply make the investment in yourself and to become a type of person who can listen well, who can empathize broadly, who can sympathize effectively, who can stabilize emotionally, and who can just be there for those who need you.

The biggest drought of our time will not occur in California, it will happen all over the world and it will come in the form of a lacking in authentic communication. I knew a man who said to me less than one month ago that he was so desperate for human contact that he begged his son's wife just to touch his arm. As a person who deals with humans professionally , I can safely say this man’s case is becoming all too common.

Please take the time to read the biographies of people like Joseph Stalin. Monsters like him are not created amidst good friendships, they become evil only after slipping through the cracks of society. I make it a priority to communicate with as many people as humanly possible during my weeks in order to make sure that they can know how loved they are. But I am only one man. Please take the time to invest in all varieties of people because you never know who could use you and all that you have to offer this world.

Andrew Love