An X-Ray of a man without any passion.

An X-Ray of a man without any passion.

We all want easier lives right? I mean even people who hustle are doing so because they want their lives to ultimately be better and eventually easier. If A-type people didn’t want an easier life, they wouldn’t ever invest in their own education or self betterment. They would simply run in circles ad infinitum.

Just this week I heard a man say these words and they changed my world: “Passion without skills is like jail, it’s like hell!”. This puts everything in my life into such crystal clear perspective! I mean, why are so many people frustrated with religion, the government, the education system, etc? They were all clearly created for the betterment of humanity, yet they in many ways seem to be counter-intuitively biting off their own tail. In essence these aforementioned institutions are all lacking in some degree either one or both of these qualities: passion and skills.

When I take a step even further back from that and survey my entire generation, it becomes clear that this is a major issue in our present day world.

FOR INSTANCE, how many people do you know who talk a mean game, but don’t have the skills to back it up?

                                                  I have worn this expression many times.

                                                  I have worn this expression many times.

We all do it from time to time. Our minds have a strange auto setting which tells us how great we are at something from a distance, yet fills us with fear in the moment.

I for one have been faced with my own inability to live up to my own hype on numerous occasions because my skills didn’t quite meet my passion. After doing comedy for a few years I somehow convinced an owner of a really big club to let me on with the headliners. In my mind I was already as good if not way better than the other comedians out there, so I deserved a shot to prove myself. Unfortunately for me, I had only been successful as a large fish in a relatively small pond (more like puddle) and my context for being ‘hilarious’ was confined to limited experiences.

So the on my big night I totally tanked in front of hundreds of people. To this day, with 1080p clarity, I can recall the guy that I had previously convinced to give me a shot stand up and wave goodbye in the middle of my act…


That moment over a decade ago helped to etch the lesson of hype into my deep psyche. Don’t let your passion dictate your life, please take the time to develop the requisite skills to fully express your ideas.

Conversely to my first example, I have found that when we have a skill set and no real driving force then we fall into some sort of Zombie state. Many people think that their beliefs are the things that make sense to their minds but that’s not really true. A belief is something that fuels you, that pulls you forward.

Unfortunately in my experience with religion, many people chant one thing from their mouths and act another way with their bodies, which demonstrates the lacking of their true faith. The same goes for basically any institution or individual. When we say things but don’t mean them, they become mere propaganda.

                                                     Nobody actually believes this...right?

                                                     Nobody actually believes this...right?


Then what is the positive spin in all of this? I’m not just going to crap on Korean communism without giving you some golden nuggets of hope for later!

We need to find out what we are passionate about and then do what people used to do before smart phones and Netflix — Take the Time to Learn some useful skills! If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of options of things to get passionate about, then I have a trick for you: go negative in order to find the positive.

What does that mean exactly? Whatever you worry about most or find yourself complain about frequently is something that you actually care about. It is a natural passion, because it is something that effects you on a deep level. All you have to do is starting understanding the fact that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE ANYTHING NEGATIVE IN YOUR LIFE INTO SOMETHING THAT FEEDS YOU.

If you have trouble with a spouse/significant other, don’t complain- learn how to become an amazing communicator and healer. I bet you $10 000 000.00 that if you invested in become both a message therapist and an amazing listener, supporter of your better half, you wouldn’t be struggling like you are.

Find what concerns you and then turn it into something that fuels you! Then learn the skills needed to start improving your situation.

And there you have it. This article makes everything sound so simple, right? Well that’s because complication is something that we create. The answers aren’t always easy, but they are far more simple than we usually assume.

You got this!