I am a dude. I’m not the dudeiest dude, but a dude none the less.

With that said, I am also obsessed with learning the nuances of love. Not just the emotional side of love but the practical side as well.

So what’s out there for dudes who are just dudes but who love to talk about love? In most social settings broaching the subject either leads to sarcastic mockery or some locker room style Neanderthal murmurings about sex. it seems that the topic of love almost has to be exclusively addressed while wearing tights and speaking in prose.

That is why am taking a stand, that is why I am writing this blog. I am on a mission to make love not both relatable and applicable in a very natural and organic way. I’m doing this so that we don’t relegate love to whispered conversations, but rather that we can discuss it freely as dudes would talk about anything else like sit-ups, punching stuff, or ham sandwiches.

I know that at the end of the day it is not what I did at work, in the gym, or anywhere else that brings me the most pride. Looking into the eyes of my wife or my kid and having them exude love from me because of my investment of love into them, that is what feeds me.

I wanted to rant for a quick hot second on this issue of taking pride in anything other than your family. Of course we should be happy when we accomplish stuff because that, after all, is what makes us human beings. We crave growth in all areas of life, but let us never forget that those are merely vehicles for us to express ourselves.

When I was reading about the genius Stephen Hawking, I saw that the world recognizes him for his genius. What is seldom if ever discussed is the fact that his genius was fundamentally facilitated by the love of his wife. When he could barely take care of himself physically, it was his wife who made sure that he was loved so much that he could focus on his mission of creating scientific theories. It was his wife who lifted him up during his darkest moments within the soul. Yet the more the world celebrated his genius he found himself in a position to where he felt superior to his circumstances and eventually left his wife for another woman.

I am not here to make any moral judgments upon anyone, I just simply wanted to take this one example to illustrate the fact that what we accomplish externally is of course valuable but it should always take it back seat to our fundamental in eight ties to love, especially within the family.

So with that said, I will continue to write for the dude Who is manly enough to admit that everything he does pales in comparison in to the love that he has within his family.

Andrew Love