I really want everyone to know that it doesn’t matter what type of circumstances you were born into, what matters most is how well you prepare the soil for your future seeds.

We are really living in an exciting time! Seriously.

With all the advancements in science, we have more comforts in technology and in psychology than ever. If you haven’t studied about Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics— please take some time ASAP and do so.

We can literally customize our lives internally and externally if we take the time. Our brain isn’t just some static computer that we are given. Many people believe that they were either born smart or stupid. Throughout much of my life, I believed that I was mentally deficient in some way.

Luckily, thanks to the efforts of many people around the globe, we now have access to the facts about ourselves- we are not just the total sum of our pasts (genetics), we are in fact a coalescence of past, present, and future.

Although we are given many characteristics through our genes, we can retrofit our thinking and emotions according to our desires if we are willing to do the work.

Did you hear what I just said??? Let me reiterate.


People who don’t recognize this fact will always be blaming others for their problems, because they will be spinning in circles. Trust me, nobody ever wins the Blame Game. When people complain about their situation, they are basically like a person who has dog poo on the bottom of their shoe- complaining about how bad it smells.

We can change this.

But I’m actually not here to talk about how to think, though it’s extremely important.

As someone who is always focusing on leaving a Legacy of Love for my children, I think of it this way- I can help my children have any life that they choose because that’s the power I have.

With my second child a few weeks away from arriving on this planet, I can say with full authority that I will be the best dad they will ever know!

I’m writing this in the hopes that you can understand the fact that regardless of where you came from — the type of family you were raised in, the type of love you received as a child- you are entitled to become whatever type of spouse/parent you choose to be.

I saw a clip of Kelly Clarkson on the news and she was singing about how her husband will be the dad to her daughter that she never had.


The reason I am working on Love Genius is because I had to fight hard in order to discover my innate abilities to love others wholly. I spent more effort to figure out how to be a good spouse and parent than most, but if people understand my words they can save so much time and energy.

You can be the roots from which so much beauty springs forth if you decide that you are not merely a leaf being blown around by your circumstances.