"Andrew's guidance has been central in my personal development and growth. His ability to create and sustain genuine trust has allowed me to be vulnerable, regain confidence, and discover my true potential."
 ~Hyun Moraes Production manager of FCNYC
hyun morales circle.png

    "His being motivates me to invest myself into becoming more."
~Maiko Shimogawara - Engineer/Mother
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"Andrew sees in everyone he interacts with that hidden potential which is usually a blind spot for the person them self. He patiently helps to develop that potential into something wonderful, even life-changing. Learning from Andrew to look at people in this perspective took my leadership skills to a new level, and made me more loving and loved."                
 ~Olga Ma - Lawyer

"He is very energetic, enthusiastic, and adventurous. But don't let that fool you. Underneath all that fire, there is an ocean of wisdom that balances everything out."
    ~Christian Nseka - Advisor/Author